The Hunger Meets Swiss Chalet

Blake works at a Swiss Chalet, not only that but he runs the joint. Ever since I met him he’s been saying if I came into his restaurant in Waterdown he would hook me up with an endless supply of chicken, or anything else I want to eat.

Dylan and I decided to take him up on the offer. We were bored on a Friday night, and neither of us really do anything exciting other than singing Taking Back Sunday and Bright Eyes covers.

So we drove for a half hour, from Georgetown to Waterdown just for dinner.

Now if you know me personally, you know that I eat disgusting amounts of food. I’m not a glutton I swear. But lets just say that I can put the Mandarin out of business. The reason they have an hour and a half limit is because of me.

I can also eat fast, without cramps.

The thing about my hunger is that it is just a mind game. It hurts, I’ll eat a meal and be hungry two hours later. Three hours later I’m grumpy, and any longer than that I feel like I’m going to die. It’s not even that I crazy specific food, its just food in general.

We show up, say hey to Blake and he gives us each a half a chicken, fries, a bun, gravy and some hot sauce.

I clean the plate in record time. I’m done far before Dylan gets anywhere near his second piece of chicken.

“Yo give me your bun.” I grab the bun off his plate. The thing is that Dylan is used to this. He’s seen it happen many time before and comes to expect it. He asks me if I’m ok if I ever say I’m not hungry.

Blake comes back to the table, he’s impressed.

“Burton did you want another half of a chicken?” he asks. The honest answer is yes, yes I do.

“If your going to pull my leg, sure.”

He brings out another plate, and I do the same as I did to the last plate. Complete destruction.

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, I have eaten an entire chicken in one sitting.

Don't act like your not impressed.

Dylan and Blake both nod in approval. From here on in, when we are bored we are just going to watch me eat.

We will also blog about it and take pictures next time.

  1. i, for one, am very impressed. especially because i LOVE swiss chalet & probably could eat.. half a chicken in one sitting. no shame.

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