Behind the Lens: Luis Mora


Here's a look at the man behind this collection of photos. Click to view print issue.

Say, “Cheese.” Or whatever makes them smile or smirk.

Luis Mora, the guy behind the camera in our Dressed To Kill fashion segments, is a first-year applied photography student. And the kid lives to shoot, which is interesting, because the 21-year-old shutterbug is almost as new to Sheridan as he is the country.

“I was born and raised in Colombia,” says Mora, who shoots with a Canon EOS 20d. “My family and I moved to the United States to pursue a better future, and two years ago, we moved to Canada.”

In those two years, Mora discovered his passion for photography.

“Well, it is a new passion, but it has always been a part of my life,” he says, humbly. “My mother is a fashion designer, so I pretty much grew up at fashion shows, and shoots for catalogues.”

Mora is extremely influenced by his mother’s work.

“My mother is my greatest inspiration,” he says through his perpetual smile. “I want to follow in her footsteps.”

And following he is. Mora saw his opportunity at this magazine and had to be part of the collective. “I got the gig at TRAVIS because I noticed a poster that said TRAVIS was recruiting photographers,” says Mora. “Literally, the guy wasn’t even done putting the poster on the wall before I started running for Stephen’s [TRAVIS’s creative director] office.”

But Mora doesn’t limit himself to shooting just fashion.

“My best experience as a photographer, this far, was a spread I did for a Toronto magazine,” said the neophyte snapper. “I shot a bunch of homeless kids on Queen Street for a story they did on train-hoppers. These kids came from B.C., Montreal, and all over the world.”

This particular shoot touched Mora personally because it was a reminder to life back in his home country.

“Colombia has similar problems,” he says. “I really see myself eventually going back there to work on a project similar to this. I really want to try to document what goes on there.”

Mora is utterly avid of the work he has done so far. And if you ask me, he damn well should.

Keep your zoom lenses locked onto Mora, because it is only a matter of time before this young photog carves a spot in the local (and international) photo scene.

“This is now my life; my life and my future. There is no Plan B, C, or D. There is no second or third option. This is my life: photography or nothing.”


Ed. Note: Luis’ photo was selected as the cover for the Photography Issue, which you can see at the right hand side of the page. We thought it was an interesting take on the Playboy bunny. He won 200 bones, plus bragging rights.

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