Sheridan College Strike: The February Update

OPSEU Members recently voted in favour of strike. By Feb. 11, school might be on hiatus.

So it’s February and still nobody seems to know what is going on with this college strike fiasco. Some teachers tell me it isn’t going to happen, but the last time they said that, they voted and got a slight majority (57%). Enough to possibly see the doors of Sheridan close next Thursday, February 11th.

Hmph. More information, go here. Otherwise than this, there isn’t too much more information as it stands. Everything is sort of up in the air as we near the 11th.

My strategy for all of this is to just keep trucking along like a strike won’t happen.

Ed. Note: Don’t go far. We are currently working on a detailed piece outlining the strike and its possibilities. Stay calm, Sheridan. We will keep you posted here as we learn more.

  1. Heard on CFRB today that the deadline is February, 11th, 2010. I really hope there isn’t a strike, from what I hear, my teachers make enough dough.

  1. February 3rd, 2010

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