College Strike Date Shifts to Feb. 17

They're pushing the strike date back a week. Let's see what happens now.

We have an update on this striking situation. OPSEU (the teacher’s union that is upsetting everyone) has just announced that they will be “extending the strike deadline” until February 17. Not February 11, as previously stated. That means that they will come together to vote on February 10th with the employer’s offer.

In a press release by OPSEU, the president (or big kahuna behind this), Warren “Smokey” Thomas said: “This is not a money issue,” Thomas said. “It is about getting provisions in the contract that will improve the quality of education our members can deliver to Ontario students. These issues must be addressed now, and the way to do that is through meaningful collective bargaining. The Colleges must put their own self-interests aside and engage in real negotiations.”

This, dear readers, is also known as spin. Hey Smokey, actually, this is about holding 200,000 students hostage during a recession. And no, this is a money issue. Come on. And you want more money? Really, you have the cojones to rub it in the province’s face that you want more when others are being laid off? Classy.

For more information on the matter, follow us here. And follow Let us know your thoughts by voting on our poll to the right. What do you have to say, Sheridan?


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