Mom and The Jesus Calendar: An Introduction

Allow me to introduce a new segment to the Travis website. High standards – I know, but I think this will give The Nona Next Door a run for it’s money.

My mother, she is a kind lady – true to her beliefs. Namely – Christianity. Born and raised. Die Hard. #1 Jesus fan. You get it.

For Christmas she was given a calender riddled with photos and informational tidbits relating to Christianity. It hangs in my kitchen. I hate it. The January spread featured a sprawling 8’x11′ illuminated image of Jesus. She loved it. She fucking talked to it.

(She’s not crazy. Just misinformed).

Anyway, now that it’s February, she had to flip to some Jesusless page – much to her chagrin.

Here’s where the new segment begins.

Every time she turns her back or leaves the kitchen, I subtly flip the page back one month, so Jesus is back on top. At first, she didn’t comment. Then, she showed confusion. Now, she thinks it’s some type of miracle.

I am a terrible person. I plan on delivering those who are reading this with entertainment at the expense of my mother’s sanity and Jesus’ dignity.

This could be hilarious.


    • Anonymous
    • February 5th, 2010

    Haha. Brilliant. Good work travis!

    • jordan
    • February 5th, 2010

    hahaha! that’s hilarious, blake.

  1. I dig your style lol

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