I Have A Thing For Amazing Cakes If You Haven’t Noticed

The Atari cake. Yes, it’s been made. If it’s one thing geeks do great is take things way too far. Just look at this piece of artwork. Joy-sticks, Pac-Man, all with a glorious icing work. Mmmmmm, so hungry. This will keep my mind off the strike.

The Guitar Hero Cake. Nothing like shredding the gnar and eating it too. I’m just appreciating the detail in this cake, how could you eat something so beautiful!?

Don’t forget about the iPhone app cupcakes. This is what I’ve been waiting for! Now I can check my e-mail while eating! Food and technology, it’s a great thing.

The best for last, the Regular Nintendo cake. These were the glory days right here, and the geeks that made this did a mighty fine job! For now on all my food must be Nintendo inspired some way. I’ll inform Nona.

  1. Who made these cakes?

  2. Don’t worry about it.

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