Somebody hand me a late-pass, cause it seems like this has been on the internet for some time and has somehow magically eluded my gamer-sense.

It’s Sunday evening. I am quietly enjoying my time casually galavanting around YouTube in search for new videogame trailers and the sort. I start with the usual suspects; God of War 3, Batman Arkham Asylum 2, etc. I even stumble upon some earlier released Final Fantasy titles such as the re-release of Tactics for the PSP. I then wander on some Final Fantasy XIII videos and remember that a time long long ago, I once watched a FFXIII vid that had nothing to do with the current whathaveyou’s of this game. That’s fine, it doesn’t take more than two clicks to find out that Square-Enix is releasing a plethora of titles under the same Final Fantasy XIII umbrella (Fabula Nova Crystallis); FF AGITO XIII and FF VERSUS XIII.

AGITO looks lame, so I skip. VERSUS on the other hand is precisely the video I’ve been looking for. I nostalgically embrace this:

Before I get too deep in the video, I notice the (annoying) video link at the top. “Click here for the Final Fantasy XIV trailer in HD! NO JOKE!”. I think joke, yet I allowed the removal of my skeptic-hat for just a moment, I reluctantly click the link in aspiration that I will end up watching a video of some fan made trailer. Yet alas!! BEHOLD!!!

FINAL FANTASY FOURTEEN IS REAL! (and online) eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! exciting!


Fabula Nova Crystallis

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