Hey Sheridan, I’ve Got a Question:

I will be wondering the halls over the next few days collecting your opinions of the impending strike. So, if you see me, don’t run. I’ll chase you. I will hunt you down. Your answers will be posted here, as they trickle in. Sheridan, your opinions are as good as mine.

What does the impending strike mean to you?

“Well, personally I hate the idea of having a strike because I want to start working early in the summer, and school going later will throw that off. And, if people want to start taking summer classes, it will mess up their schedule. The two schedules may overlap.”

Thank you, Stephanie Inglis – Third Year Interior Design Student.


I’m going to be really upset, not going to lie. When we do come back after a strike, it will mean a ridiculous amount of assignments crammed into a small amount of time. I’m here to learn, and I need time to do so. I don’t want to have to rush Ideas and submit work I’m not proud of. It’s going to affect the quality of work I am able to submit.”

Thank you, Tasha Leelyn Desnoyers – First Year Applied Photography Student.


I’m in a split program, so I have class at Sheridan, but I’m a student at York University. All of the classes that my program has at Sheridan will be held off until the strike is over because the teachers that teach at Sheridan are college professors, so they’re a part of that whole mess.”

Thank you, Aleks Kozak – First Year Graphic Design Student (York U).


“In a situation like this, I don’t really know what to think. This is my first experience with something like a strike. I’m mad as a student who pays to learn, and i have the right to learn, but I guess teachers have rights too.”

Thank you, Luis Mora – First Year Applied Photography Student.


“It’s something I disagree with, for sure – I mean, I guess it would mean I could sleep a bit more and time to relax, since my program is pretty hectic. But it would just throw everyone in my program out of their element, because we are all in “Creative” mode right now due to upcoming productions; and putting us at a halt would really mess things up for us. But the strike seems pretty pointless if it would only last like 1-3 weeks, due to the government stepping in. I think that it makes literally no sense to strike.”

Thank you, Corey Nusca – Second Year Media Arts Student.

“I need to find a placement in order to graduate. However, if they go on strike, my program technician cant help me organize my placement due to the contract. I want to graduate!”

Thank you, Patricia Krowinski – Second Year Interior Decorating Student.


“If it means the semester interrupting my summer, I will be less likely to get a job since i won’t be able to start right away. All of the jobs will probably go to university students. I graduate this year but i have to start paying off my loans, so I need to start working. Also, I also need to start investing in photo equipment as soon as I graduate so I can eventually start my own business.”

Thank you, Kaitey Button – Second Year Applied Photography Student.


  1. can any of the travis bloggers put pictures up with their wonderfully written opinions?

    – love your old boss :)

  2. Thank you, facebook?


  3. haha, this was such a great post but I needed to see the students we were featuring

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