The Hunger Meets Swirls Cupcakes

This go around my hunger is only meeting and greeting. These cupcakes are not for my own evil and sadistic hunger.

You can find Swirls Cupcakes in Streetsville!

So on Sunday it was Valentines day, and last night it was Victoria’s 20th birthday, quite the combination if you ask me. The theme I was going for was sweets, because, well, Victoria has a mighty sweet-tooth.

Last week I devoted some valuable time researching where I could get the absolute best cupcakes. After so serious Googling(damn that word rules), I came across Swirls Cupcakes just in Streetsville.

This is an exclusive cupcake shop. I’m going to be honest with you, I had no idea that bakeries could devote themselves to cupcakes, but this little place does just that.

I venture out, being my sketchy self, I head into this little shop. There are no cupcakes in the displays, only a girl in overalls covered in icing writing down orders for an overweight lady. The shop seems pretty empty and quiet, but the walls are colorful. Somebody must have eaten all the cupcakes before I got there.

“Ok so I don’t exactly know how this works,” I say to the girl.

“Well we can make anything,” she responds.



“Well then.”

I pause, looking up at this board that displays the prices and different flavors they have available. She hands me a photo album of different cupcakes.

“I want that,” I point at a little turtle cupcake. “Ok,” she starts scribbling down in her notebook.

“But I want them to be all different kinds of Zoo animals, is that possible?” She stops writing, “uhm, ok.”

“I want a bear, and an eagle, and a giraffe, and a lion, and a tiger!” I’m freaking out now, there are endless amounts of possibilities. My cupcake dreams are about to happen, finally.

“Well, how about just 6 different animals, two of each?” she suggests. She is looking worried, but now I’m having the time of my life thinking up all these crazy cupcake fiascoes. I haven’t responded and I stare off into the distance, thinking I should order a batch of Shyguy cupcakes for myself.

“That would work fine.”

She takes my name and phone number, I give her my cell, because this is serious business and if anything were to go wrong, they would need to contact me right away. I’d be picking them up in two days.

I click my heels as I exit the bakery. I’m full of joy, I’m happy as can be with all these fancy zoo animal cupcake ideas.

Ok, that was pushing it, but I’m pretty excited for custom cupcakes.

I drive home and once I pull into my driveway a voice-mall pops up on my phone. Its Swirls Cupcakes, oh boy.

A little old man has left a message, he sounds little, but I’m only basing this off his voice. I wonder if this is Swirls himself.

“Yeah, hi Mike? It’s Swirls calling. Uhm, yeah, those cupcakes you ordered, can we just make two different zoo animals? You have to understand, uhm, yeah. You have to understand that it is Valentines day, and we have a hefty amount of orders, and zoo animals will take some time. Yeah, uhm, ok, thanks, please call us back as soon as possible. Valentines day”

Oh no. My dreams, my dreams have been shattered. I dial them back as quickly as possible.

I’m in a frenzy now. I’m worried for the well being of my cupcakes. Oh the humanity, oh gosh the awfulness of it all!

I call them back, and settle on them just making lion cupcakes.

Luckily for them, when I did pick them up, they were the best lion cupcakes I’ve ever seen.

Oh, and Victoria loved them.

But next time, video game cupcakes are going to happen.

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