New MGMT Album Cover. Ridonc.

Look at this Sonic-inspired cover art for MGMT's upcoming, "Congratulations"

Check this little guy out. Yup, that’s the new cover art for MGMT’s forthcoming April release, Congratulations. These Brooklyn-native boys dig being weird, or “different” like our politically correct mother’s like to insist. But after their last beauty, Oracular Spectacular, with those fine ditties, “Kids,” “Time to Pretend” and the head-bobbing “Electric Feel,” we have high “surfer-esque” hopes for the sophomore album.  But this piece of art confuses us — in a good way, of course. I’m counting 10 eyes on that hand-waving, surfing monkey creature. And what’s with the Firefox-inspired wave biter? Is it hungry or just malevolent? Anyone? Oh, yeah, right; these guys do drugs. Gotcha.


  1. It’s like an animator got lazy and put all the inbetweens on the same frame. What’s tripping me out is the little surfing squirrel thing’s right leg is not attached at the hip like say, normally structured anatomical creatures. Rather, it seems to be stemming from the tail portion that loops towards the back. Amazing.

    Even more incredible is despite his obvious state of fear of the giant Dr. Robotnik variant of the mammal wave our little furry friend is still full Shaka stance with both hands saluting Cowabunga!

    Party on garth!

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