Mo’ ‘rillaz

The new Gorillaz album is 16 days away! The YouTube channel seems to have stopped uploading vague and ominous tours of the island they are inhabiting and have started giving us hints as to how the disbanded cartoon band got back together in these little animated skits.

Murdoc’s near death escape from Russian Pirates
2D’s kidnapping from his Beirut apartment.

Of course I would notice that 2D was living in Lebanon, here’s how;

The numbers on the doors are in Arabic, they read 31.

What’s inconsistent is that there is Islamic art on the side of his apartment. Sure, Middle East/Islam/obvious, but Lebanon is mainly a Christian country, so unless he’s in another Arab country that’s a little suspect. Although he could just be in a Muslim neighborhood. No biggie.

The clutch is the Lebanese flag on the suitcase. Money!

Leave it to the animator to over analyze a 30 second clip. Can’t wait to see Noodle’s and Russel’s side of the story.

Plastic Beach comes out March 8th, 2010.


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