Chats With The Bats

The Cancer Bats hit the road for their cross Canada tour with Billy Talent March 3rd

“I get a warm up question?” Liam Cormier, singer and songwriter of the Cancer Bats asks me over the phone.

“You do get a warm up question, are you ready for this?”

“I’ve never had a warm up question.”

The warm up question, which was about music, leads to a discussion about Converge, the one band that every musician — well most — listens to.

“We actually went on a record buying mission recently. We went and bought hundreds of dollars worth of vinyl records from Deathwish when we were in Salem, Massachusetts.”

“And the record I’ve been listening to like crazy is a band called Touche Amore, they are basically like a throwback screamo band from California, and they are so good.”

Other than buying records, the Cancer Bats have been gearing themselves up for the release of their newest album Bears, Mayors, Scraps, & Bones.

“The biggest difference with this record that we have noticed, is that as we record albums they always seem to get heavier and heavier,” Cormier said.

“I think we’ve never really managed to capture how heavy of a band we actually are. We started to really become more of that metal band we were excited about.”

“I feel that this time weve nailed it,” Cormier said. The band worked with the same producers from their previous album Hail Destroyer, and have progressed on ideas that emerged from that album.

“How much more metal can we get while still retaining a lot of the elements that we love about Cancer Bats?” he self-reflectingly questioned.

“It was just the four of us throwing ideas around. People will come to practice with different thoughts and ideas, and sometimes ideas are just falling, and then it rips.”

“I think that’s the thing that makes our band. Everyone has to agree on all the parts, everyone has to be equally stoked on what is going on. Everyone needs to be equally excited on the end product.”

The Cancer Bats are pushing their newest release with an upcoming cross-Canada tour with friends AlexisonfireAgainst Me, and Billy Talent.

“It’s the ultimate Canadian bro package,” Cormier said.

“Super stoked to be out with those guys, its just going to be the biggest hangout. I’ve never been inside the ACC, but its going to be crazy.”

To add to all the hype the recent video for Sabotage was also released through the Bat’s website.

“We started doing that cover in the summer, just because wanted to add a cover to the set to spice things up. I actually had a dream that we had played Sabotage at Scene Fest and in my dream all the members of Every Time I Die were standing on the side of the stage, super stoked.”

“I woke up from this dream and I just said to myself, we have to cover Sabotage.”

And from there, one thing evolved into another, and developed into the hilarious music video, and then make it’s way onto the record.

Cormier had one piece of advice for Sheridan students to close out the interview.

“Sadly everyone in our band has dropped out of school, so I don’t know if were the perfect example,” he said laughing. As a former university student that studied sociology, he wishes that he learnt about basic accounting, or just took the odd business class.

“I will say this, just really think hard about what your doing in terms of what your going to school for. I’ve written songs about socialigical tought, but in the end, I kinda wished I hadn’t wasted that money,” he said.

“But maybe in a lot of cases, kids just need to chill out and figure out what they want to do with their lives.”

Good advice if you ask me.

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