The Ultimate Guide To Building a Snow Fort

Do you know what kind of snow is out there right now? Packing snow, the best kind of snow. The only kind of snow. So here I provide you with the best technique to make a snow fort. Shall we?

1) Let it snow, and let it snow hard. You need that moist, fluffy stuff that you can easily roll into giant balls. None of that left over snow from snow-blowers, that stuff sucks.

2) Roll the snow into big giant balls. Make six of them, and line them up in a circle. Make sure they are round and amazing. Specifically, amazing.

3) Cover them all in more packing snow, filling the cracks with the fluffy stuff. Make sure you pack it down hard. Fill in all the cracks, you are making walls here, this is serious business.

Yes, keep building!

4) Pile on more snow, make those walls nice and high. You want them to eventually arch towards the centre of the fort. This will make for an excellent roof.

5) Wait. You need this snow to get really chilly so the walls get solid. Packing snow is wet right? So you might need to let it freeze over-night. Trust me.

6) Bust out the gardening hose. The next day lightly shower your fort with cold water. This will turn your fort to ice, this is what you want. You need a sturdy infrastructure to battle and take over other snow forts.

7) Pack more snow on top of those walls and let them curve over top of the fort. Your walls should be high enough by now that you can close off the roof.

8) Now, once everything is solid, take a shovel and tunnel through one of those sturdy walls to make the ultimate doorway.

9) Final step, stock-pile snow balls, you will need them. Hide them in your fort.

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