This might possibly be the greatest thing I have ever been fortunate enough to set my eyes on.

I have some strange attraction to foreign interpretations of American culture, watching some of the most ridiculous aspects of the westernized world regurgitated through the proverbial digestive system of  the countries that inhabit the rest of the planet. Manga-Anime Super Ninja Turtles, or Halal meat being served at McDonalds and KFC locations all over the muslim world, ironically healthy(er). But this one just blew the pop-culture part of my brain to pieces;

Yes, that’s right… GLEE is making it’s way to Japanese Television. Just when you thought they couldn’t make highschool social outcasts look any cooler than The Breakfast Club, Japanese Glee comes along to rub it, nay, sing it to your face. Don’t stop beliving!


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