Travis Reviews Local Music: Hunter Valentine – Lessons From The Late Night

Oh, did I mention they're cute?

Girls succeeding in a dominantly guys game…

I’m not saying it doesn’t happen — but it sure as hell doesn’t happen often.

Nevertheless, Hunter Valentine, a rock outfit from Toronto is doing just that.

After tearing up the local, national and international stages for over six years now, the trio is set to release their second full-length album, Lessons From The Late Night.

The album is extremely listenable and will easily suck you in with catchy ditties such as, “The Stalker” and “Treadmills of Love.” To say the least, it’s a foot-tapping, air-drumming good time.

It is set to hit Canadian shelves on April 17, and will be available worldwide on May 11.

The band is currently preparing to embark on a short tour of Ontario to promote the record, beginning on April 7 in Hamilton and subsiding on April 17 in Kingston.

Visit Hunter Valentine on Myspace for more information regarding the tour. Oh, and you can listen to a few tunes from the record while you’re there.


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