Travis Reviews The Wonder Years- The Upsides

It’s like uplift hardcore, but without the dude chants. Wait, who am I kidding? There are chants, but it’s a good time.

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Fast, furious, uplift pop-punk is what The Upsides is, The Wonder Years‘ sophomore release, coming from the city of Philadelphia. These guys locked themselves down for days on end to write this album. Looks like it turned out pretty good, despite the smelly arm-pits and band-mate arguments.

The Wonder Years reversed the tides in terms of emotion in music for this effort. This album isn’t about sadness, depression, or even getting mad at your gee eff. It’s about going out and having fun, hope, friends, and relationships. Themes of coming of age, love, and triumph. It’s about keeping your chin up and looking on the bright side.

This might start something, kids picking up music because they are happy, instead of sad? Sheesh, now thats a concept.

Click to pick up The Wonder Years' new album over at No Sleep Records!

It positive, and there isn’t really anything not to like. The song “Hey Thanks,” even bust out the brass for some lead rhythms. It’s got the hooks and catches of New Found Glory, and the charm and wit of Say Anything.

It’s great pop-punk, and a great pick up for anyone in need of some good party tunes, or some dance inyour underwear and pretend your the lead singer in your bedroom, ahem, music.

So cheers, to The Wonder Years. Thanks for this.

Review by Michael Burton

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