Travis Reviews New Found Glory @ The Sound Academy, Toronto

The line up for the evening, Fireworks, HelloGoodbye, Saves The Day, and New Found Glory. Wicked, four bands that I have never seen live before. I’m telling you, the only way to truly know if a band is good or not is from their live show.

Check out Fireworks!

So lets set this one off with the band Fireworks. Fast, fun, young pop-punk from the ever spectacular Detroit. I’m pretty sure these guys are younger than me, and I’m excited for these guys getting thrown onto this huge tour. I wish they had gone a little more crazy, but solid set, they sounded good. Good opener.

Check out HelloGoodbye over at their MySpace

Whoa whoa, next is HelloGoodbye. Not really familiar with this band, but if your into the more poppy type stuff I could imagine they would be a good listen. Little to no stage pressence, but the singer has some cute glasses and cracked some funny jokes. They have that one song where everyone sort of knows it. “I like, da na na nah, da nah nah, in your car.” Your following right?

Wo! Saves The Day!

Saves The Day was next. You know what I have to say, are you fucking kidding me? Seriously, the most boring live band ever. It was Chris Conely’s birthday too, you think he would be a little more happy. Maybe he is still bitter that all his bands members left to be a part of Glassjaw. Oh well. Thanks for saying probably two lines to the crowd, standing still and playing each song with zero energy.

New Found Glory must have chugged back some Redbull for this night!

And what everyone was there to see. I was pretty sleepy by this point in the show, so the energy that NFG brought was great to see. Lots of fun, lots of old songs off their self titled, great times had by all. They sounded great, and the dance floor erupted once this band came on. I’m impressed how animated they are after 13 years of being in a band. Hope they never stop!

Review and photos by Michael Burton

    • Anonymous
    • March 2nd, 2010

    Sounds like a good night. I love NFG, always solid.

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