New Ironman Trailer

Yessiree bob the new Ironman trailer is out and oh boy are we ever excited! Below are some of highlights I’m looking forward to;

Cameo appearance by Hugo Chavez

California sunset postcard courtesy of Stark Industries

Mickey Rourke having a very heterosexual conversation with this guy

If you’re wondering why bad guy Rourke would be persuaded to the forces of evil by some fancy shmancy bouquet of flowers in a romantic setting like a jet bunker, consider that it might have something to do with the evident prison time he’s been doing with cell mate Lil’ Wayne.

(if the previous joke offended you, please erase it from your memory and insert the following in it’s stead)

Mickey Rourke having a tough guys don’t look at explosions moment

Don’t sweat it, just do like Obama in the wake of his health care reform; brush that dirt off ya shoulders brah.

One lucky security guard get’s a little Scarlett Johansson crotch-face action.

Samuel L. Jackson sporting that signature smile

Bill Gates revealing his latest innovation…

The all new debris-proof JUMBO ZUNE!

Yep, pretty exciting. Almost as exciting as the actual trailer;

Ironman comes out May 7th


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