The Cubby Jackson Chronicles: The End

I haven’t seen Cullen in a really, really long time. In fact, nobody has. He’s kind of picked up his game recently. Got a job, selling lawn care, being a recluse.

Victoria and I ventured to London during the reading week. The room-mate situation between the people of the Classington manor has just become ridiculous.

Kelsey and Cullen’s relationship has deteriorated, and the two of them don’t spend any time together.

The weird part, is that Cullen never comes out of his room. He probably thinks it’s awkward, but he is cooped up inside his room day after day. He doesn’t come out to smoke, eat, or go to the bathroom.

He probably does, but we think he has to sneak out at three in the morning.

This is a dirty awful standoff. And the two of them don’t seem to want to put aside their differences. It’s a shame really, the trio that lived in the Classington manor was pretty funny. But now it’s just a scary mess of hatred and evil.

I will not take sides on this. Well, I will, but I’m not going to flat out tell you what side I’ve taken.

I did, however happen to get him out his room for a picture.

“Oh well, I suppose so.”

He said that, in his little accent, in his little Vancouver Canucks hat. Silly Cullen.

I took the picture of him, I posed him, he must of felt glamorous with the spring sun shining down on his face.

He smoked his cigarette slow, with determination.

I don’t know how you do it Cubby.

Either way, he made me a killer coffee after our photo shoot. It was a Mongolian blend, if I can recall.

“It’s stronger than the average blend,” he said.

He was right. It’s too bad that that this coffee isn’t as hilarious as it used to be. After he brewed his coffee, he retired to his room, probably to read and philosophize about life.

And ladies and gentlemen, we end the Cubby Jackson Chronicles with a photo.

Photo and words by Michael Burton

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