Canadian Music Week Day 1: Fucked Up @ The El Mocambo

So we begin Canadian Music Week with a very, very late night. The first band, Lifestory Monologue which admittedly I missed, was probably good. I’ve seen them a bajillion times, and its the usual for them. Front-man Nuttal brings out his beard, there are some catchy tunes. It’s like ambient Sigur Ros with shouting over top. It’s original.

Next we have The Black Swan Effect, who came all the way from England to play this show. Not bad. Slow, passionate rock. It’s good background music, but no showstopper. Sounded great, played solid. Nothing else to say about them.

The Black Swan Effect playing The Elmo March 10th 2010

Next we have Bastard Child Death Cult. Yes, I said the name correctly. This old lady and her son came to see the previous band and she asked me what the name of this band was. She thought I was joking. That’s what happens when you have a band name like this. You think it’s funny for probably the first six months, and then you realize that nobody is going to take you seriously. However, I did want to buy a shirt from them, just because the band name is so ridiculous. They were ok. Generic hardcore, everyone has a full sleeve, they all look worn and tired. I don’t know what else to say.

I've said the band name once, I'm not going to say it again. Check them out.

Tropics was next. Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad. Noise isn’t my thing. I don’t like noise bands. This band was a bad noise band. Is there a a difference between a good noise band and a bad one? Well, maybe, I’m still not sure, but this one would fit in the bad noise category. The effects on the singers voice were embarrassing. He’d turn to talk to the crowd and it would be all jumbled up. It sucked. Boring, bad, and bad.

Tropics, I've had my say. If your into this check it out.

There is one thing I do have to say about this show is the variety of genres playing this. We got two hardcore acts, two slower rock acts, and a noise band. I like the variety, but I think this killed the shows draw. The venue only really filled in when Fucked Up was about to play. Going on at around one in the morning, I can honestly say that the show went a little too late. But it’s Canadian Music Week, sleep is for the weak. As for Fucked Up, they were worth the wait. It’s good time hardcore, but nothing too violent. This band has made a name for themselves in the Toronto scene, and I can say that they impressed the audience which was mostly members of the press. There is something about this band that draws you in, they have some sort of likability to them. Winners of the Polaris music prize, they must be doing something right. There were no sing-a-longs, no mosh pits, just a good performance by very capable musicians. It’s party music, and I want to see this band again with a giant crew of hardcore kids killing each other to get on stage.

Check out Toronto band Fucked Up at their MySpace!

And ladies and gentlemen, that concludes day 1. Day 2 will be Coalesce @ The Annex Wreckroom.

Review and Photos by Michael Burton

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