CMW Day 3: Interview with The Dudes

One thing is for sure, CMW has made me truly hate driving, parking, and even just getting around Toronto. I don’t know what mother nature’s deal is, but she almost killed me three or four times driving back and forth in this rain.

My interview with The Dudes was scheduled for 8 p.m. sharp, and with the rain pouring down like cats and dogs, I was a little late. Five minutes late? I’m not sure, but I hate being late, being late makes me grumpy.

Next I have to find parking. Two days ago I didn’t really understand how the Toronto parking system works, and with a band manager calling me to find out when I’m going to arrive, parking is a stressful thing.

So I’m parked, it’s raining, I’m running to the venue, I’m soaking wet, and the door girl doesn’t believe me that I have an interview.

Now this just sucks.

I con my way in, because I’m sauve as hell, and next thing I know I’m in a dark stinky room with front-man Dan Vacon of Calgary’s stellar four-piece The Dudes.

The Dudes from Calgary Alberta

As for Vacon himself, he didn’t really seem like he had much to say about his music. He’s a really quiet guy, mild-mannered, and I guess you could even call him a sweet dude. He has no rants or raves, no comments on the music industry, no band he is overly excited to see. He’s just chilling out, sipping at his bottle of Molson.

The Dudes is the first and only band he has ever played in – that’s 14 years of writing tunes about stealing girlfriends, running from the lady cops, and creating some great rock and roll.

The songs written by Vacon, according to him are just lyrical and guitar ideas that translate into something more after a few lagers.

The bands personality only came out during their live performance. It was everything I expected to be, fun, lots of singing-a-long, and lots of energy from every member.

See, you have to understand this. I really like this band. I approached this night from the perspective of a fan. They are great, their lyrics are clever, they know how to work an audience, and if I wasn’t driving – they would be even more incredible with a couple more pints in me.

I did however make a fool of myself when I asked Vacon if summer was a big influence on his song writing. He paused and looked at me, “nah man, winter is a good time to chill too.”

Just another dude I guess.

Review and interview by Michael Burton

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