CMW Day 4: Sights and Sounds Vs. Comeback Kid

Day 4 and I’m running on fumes now. I show up to The Garrison just as Songs From a Room were finishing up their set. They were pretty ok I guess, another rock band from Toronto. Who I was really looking forward to seeing was the next band, Sights & Sounds.

The epic band that is Sights And Sounds hits up The Garrison

This venue was not suited for the monstrous live sound that is Sights & Sounds. This is my third time seeing them, and the first time seeing them and actually being familiar with their record. They were great. They are atmospheric but still go nuts on stage. The band manages to make their song-writing exciting, but still sort of spacey and ambient. It’s really good stuff. Fans of Thrice would really dig this band.

Old times are good times with The Meligrove Band

I was really into The Meligrove Band when I was high school. Not so much anymore. I really don’t know how to describe them. They are pop. It’s weird. Falsetto, keys, I don’t know. Someone help me out here. I liked how they all were dressed like they were living in the 60’s. I didn’t stay long, because Comeback Kid was playing a couple blocks away.

Dead and Divine, doing their thing.

So I’m a wild man, I did the unthinkable. I venue hopped. I wasn’t down with seeing Moneen over Comeback Kid, so I booked it over to The Elmo and picked up the last bit of Dead and Divine‘s set. They sound great live, Matt Tobin can sing, and everyone was in place for these guys last night. I love the singing in this band. I used to label this band as an Emo band, but I guess they are leaning towards the melodic-metalcore side. Really good stuff, check them out if you haven’t yet.

Comeback Kid, destruction. So amazing.

Comeback Kid is simply amazing live. I hurt everywhere. I don’t understand how photographers get good shots of these guys. You’d have to camp out for the entire show and wait for that perfect moment. I on the other hand ditched the camera one song in to take part in the mayhem. Endless stage dives, crowd surfing, chants, swinging fists. It was poetry. Everyone just lost it. Shoes and limbs flew everywhere, and I was drenched in sweat after this one. I did time one of my stage dives at the perfect moment during the song Wake The Dead. That one moment alone made all of CMW worth the stupid amount of driving I’ve had to do.

Cheers to that. We save the best for last, with The Dillinger Escape Plan.

Review and photos by Michael Burton

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