CMW Snapshot: Sweet Thing & The Junction

I had a birthday to attend last night. I had to go, it was for Mike, a senior designer for this magazine and a lover of mine. The sushi was good. But after, Chuck and I were able to skip out and make our way to Lee’s Palace to check out Sweet Thing, the pop-charismatic-lead-singer band. They actually opened for Sam Roberts at Sheridan two years ago. They get better, more refined every time I take in their joyous indie rock. Well done you crazy vest-wearing band.

Then we jetted over to the Horseshoe, but we missed The Wooden Sky, a band I openly fawn over. Their folk-cum-soulful tunes get me every time; it’s authentic, trueful music. And then we messed around until Toronto’s The Junction hit the crowded Horseshoe stage. These boys have been around for quite awhile, never really catching their big break. They were still fun and tight, but it was admittedly missing something. It was a good way to close CMW — just a number of solid and subpar showcases fused together. There’s a boatload of talent in this country, and although you need to dig at times and hunt for it, damn it was worth it when you catch the standouts.

Below is a shot of the Junction show and below is Sweet Thing at Lee’s Palace.


The Junction plays a late night show at the legendary Horseshoe

Sweet Thing holds their own with lead singer Owen Carrier doing his (wild) thing.

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