CMW In Review: The CMW Hangover

My last show of CMW was supposed to be The Dillinger Escape Plan. I love this band.

By the time the final night of this fiasco arrives your just exhausted and mad at everyone. But I made it out, I was getting this done.

I drive down there, parked right across the venue – because I finally understand Toronto parking. Heart break moment,  I’m quickly told that no more media will be let in the venue.

That sucks. I’m not about to argue with the door girl. I am horribly grumpy, but she didn’t seem to care. The scary bouncer actually did a serious pat down on me before entering. I gave her a dirty look, and decided to walk away.

Oh well, I don’t have any cash on me anyways.

I’m tired, and so I choose to go back home and hit the hay. I slept for a solid 12 hours. I am drained, thats how I’ll describe it. Maybe I sound like a wuss, but the ying-yang sleeping patterns, the late nights, and the drinking has kicked my ass. I admit it, I worked my butt off, and I have the ultimate CMW hangover.

The entire event is a miracle work of art. The amount of planning involved with all of this is unbelievable. There is just so much going on all at once I can’t imagine the stress being placed on everyone who took part.

I experienced Toronto in brand new way. I went to venues I’ve never had the chance to go to, and I really got to know Toronto. I even learnt that The Annex Wreckroom is probably my favorite bar ever, only because it mixes PacMan and beer.

I got lost so many times, I met so many new people, and I am overwhelmed by all the people who were willing to give me a helping hand.

CMW is an experience. My own highlight for me would be seeing Comeback Kid in the tiny hole in the wall that is The El Mocambo. I’ve never had the chance to experience this band, and I can honestly say that I felt like a teenager again, jumping on people.

So thats it. Interviews are coming, lots and lots of interviews.

I sat down with the likes of Protest The Hero, Alan Cross, Kobra and The Lotus, and the ladies of Hunter Valentine.

Stay tuned, this isn’t over yet.

By Michael Burton

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