Best Waterslide Ever!

Now this is a waterslide ladies and gentlemen! This one is over in Fortaleza, Brazil. It is aptly named THE INSANO, because well, it’s insane. This makes me want to go to Wild Water Kingdom so badly. When I do go, I’m going to be counting all the silly Tazz tattoos on the old fat guys.

Shit is hilarious!

I apologize if I offend the audience who happen to have a Tazz tattoo. Your beautiful, in every single way.

  1. Amazing! We had something similar in South Africa, called the Kamikaze. Racked up a 4 or 5 person death count. I am unsure of the exact height of the slide but unlike The Insano, the Kamikaze only had approx 8 inch perpendicular walls guarding you from falling off. The only time I ever rode Kamikaze was at the age of 10 or so, at which time I was technically to short for the ride but managed to squeeze by unnoticed, TIA (This is Africa). I vividly remember, with my back straight, coming clear off the slide and finding myself in a free fall (that’s how steep it was!). As far as I know the ride has since been replaced by a taller, enclosed, more boring slide.

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