Things Couldn’t Get Any Worse, Could it?

This is the first thing I found regarding the Sheridan Student Union Elections.  Short of hunting down the candidates and interrogating them, what would possibly motivate me to vote?

To read about their platforms I have to highlight the text, and once highlighted not one candidate makes any declarations about their platform.  We’ve all seen the signs and possibly been solicited by the candidates, but I couldn’t even tell you what the issues are.

Sabrina’s article below inspired me to look into voting, but how am I supposed to decide on a candidate?  Make assumptions about their appearance or posters?  Some candidates haven’t even written a bio for themselves.

I am going to vote, but I don’t have to like it.  Perhaps next year I will attempt to run, it can’t be harder than getting a good head shot and plastering it all over the school.  Maybe I’ll have to talk to a couple people, or try to, but if it’s as easy as getting 200 signatures, I’m in like Flynn.

You should vote, but you should ask what any of the candidates plan to do about anything first.  I honestly couldn’t tell you.  If the candidates were really motivated they would be approaching Travis and the Sheridan Sun and begging us to do profiles and spread the word.  They haven’t been opposed to working with us, but they haven’t been utilizing their best weapon: the media.  I personally would’ve volunteered to help write smear campaign slogans and articles, that’s what real politicians do right?

Bryan for 2010/2011 Student Union president: “It Couldn’t Get Any Worse, Right?”

Words By Bryan Myers

    • 1st year ISS student
    • March 25th, 2010

    I don’t know anything about the candidates beyond whether or not I like their posters, so for this election, I’ve generated a bunch of random numbers that will determine who gets my votes.

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