The End of An Era

That’s it ladies and gentlemen. It’s done, it’s over, fineto, end of the line, peace out sucka, the glass is now empty.

I don’t know how many times I said I wanted to leave Sheridan, but it was a lot. When it actually came down to leaving all the people I spent the last two years with, I was really bummed out about it.

It’s upsetting. College life is fun, and all the drinking, the teasing, and impersonating will never seem like it was enough. I’ve been trying to hold on to every last bit of student life. I wish I could freeze time, but that super-power hasn’t been invented yet.

So I’m sitting on my bed, pajama pants and all – writing this goodbye post.

Thank you to all the teachers that had the patience to deal with our distracted nature. Thanks to all the random people that let me interview them on a Sunday night about some random story. Thanks to everyone at the Student Union and TRAVIS that gave me so much freedom to write zombie fiction, Nonna stories, and tales of my evil and sadistic hunger.

And thanks to everyone I shared a class, power cord, camera, meal, or drink with. College really wouldn’t be the same with different people.

I am impressed with the amount of knowledge I’ve gained in only two years. I went from being a crappy personal story writer to an connoisseur of great writing, obsessed print fanatic, and addict for current events. I learnt that teachers are just as crazy as students, and that the career of a journalist is amazingly difficult, but still the most rewarding career path anyone could ever have.

So now I hit the reset button, and we take all those things we learnt and apply them to real life.

Thanks for everything.

Ed. Note: Michael Burton’s mom dresses him funny. He is also obsessed with chicken wings, chatroulette and vile humour. Sadly, with all taken into account, this tight pant wearing kid will be missed.

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