Chin-Chilling at Chill Magazine

Blake wants to hit me on a regular basis. I could explain why but it so much more fun leaving it for you all to find out. I lurked in the corner of the parking lot this morning at Oakville and saw an old lady direct her husband to back right into a fence. That was pretty funny. It must happen all the time because they didn’t even look at the damage said fence must of caused.

The day consisted of some heavy desk lifting – lots of bad jokes on my part, and writing a review of Hot Tub Time Machine. I’ll link you to the article online when it goes up. We’re planning on never leaving this place, the only catch is that we want to stay – while making some money. So we are developing a strategy, an evil strategy.

Just kidding about the evil thing, were nice.

After our day was done, and all the lame jokes were said- we enjoyed lunch at Stoney’s. I had a Bison burger, it was delicious, and surprisingly it filled me up.

Tomorrow, more scheming, more bad jokes, and more awkward moments.

Did I mention Blake had red suspenders? We both looked pretty fancy, just saying.

Burton – out.

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