Mercenary Tao Practice: Bring The Metal, Send It to The Mosh Department

I was driving back from the gym determined to write something really meaningful for the Travis blog. But band practice distracted me. Today we made fun of Jay a lot. A whole lot. He has another band called Colour Colour which is horrendous, so we all make fun of him a lot. I’m not even going to link you to them because that is how bad it is.

Watch out Jay, watch the fuck out.

We went for a walk and Shepp was freaking out because he can’t handle going on walks in suburbia. He is strange, he’d much rather lurk in his basement and play guitar all day. Kris, well Kris was getting crazy phone calls from his ex-gf. We thought it was funny. Oh and then we started talking about old bands, and for whatever reason Kris brought up Bayonette, and all their sweet breakdowns. This is funny because Blake was in that band, and I didn’t realize it until just now. Who’d a tunk it? That wholesome guy in a doucher hardcore band.

We also have a show coming up. It’s going to be bad. Shepp told me I was going to get heckled by the barflies at this shitty venue in Brampton. So I’m preparing counter heckles. Then Shepp told me they might kill me. Scary.

If anyone wants to see me jump around and get really sweaty, come on out. I think we play second, because that’s what happens to bands that have no following, or even a MySpace. Sweet eh?

That’s all I got for now.

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