Stuff I’ve Been Listening To: The Metal Edition

Hope everyone is enjoying their beautiful Sunday afternoon. Here is what’s been on the play-list lately.

With all the metal that has been jammed into my ears over the last few months – well, the metal is coming back. This is The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza, hilarious name I know. This is some seriously brutal metal – not for the faint of heart, or wimps – but this stuff is incredible. Seriously, nothing sounds like this. Insane guitar work, intense, it’s metal. Serious metal. Metal Metal Metal.

This is another band with a silly name that doesn’t exist anymore. The Number 12 Looks Like You –  a noise/metal/more noise band that has slowly evolved over their course as a band. Their more recent album jumps across the line of metal, and into the realm of weird noise – stuff. It’s good though, two singers. Their album Mongrel is the album you want to check out – it’s masterpiece. Don’t look up the lyrics to these songs, they’re really messed up.

This is the big one. I don’t listen to this band all that often anymore, but this one song is so epic it makes heads explode. Your brains will be splattered everywhere. Seriously, it will be gross. But here it is anyways. This is The Black Dahlia Murder, pretty epic band if you ask me. Their tunes are incredible metal, but they all look like a bunch of hardcore kids. Listen, I dare you.

As for those interested, my band Mercenary Tao will be playing our first show April 25th in Brampton. The venue is crap, the sound will be crap, but expect some blast beats and the occasional breakdown. Maybe a chair throw, who knows.

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