From the Editor’s Desk: What’s Next?

The editor indulges in all things related to the new issue. Which is, er, What's Next. Click to read print version.

There’s a number of routes I could take here. I could wax nostalgic. I go get all philosophical and up my own ass. I could lament and expose. Truth is, I’m not sure how to sum up this issue. Or this magazine for the past couple of years. It’s damn hard.

Of course I need to thank the Sheridan Student Union. It’s unbelievable that they have continued to give us full creative freedom on this student-run publication. To allow students to steer such an important vehicle and give a voice to the student body is unheard of. It doesn’t happen all too often.

I, personally, have learned a lot from TRAVIS. This magazine has taught me more than the Internet has. This magazine has become part of me, part of my being, part of my identity. This magazine has cemented my desire in pursuing the badgershit-crazy world of magazines. This magazine has welcomed me to the strange and wonderful world of stupid-talented designers, illustrators, writers, photographers and helpless dolts. This magazine has literally made me bleed, cry and vomit. This magazine has been recognized on a national playing field—and on Wikipedia. This magazine has actually had more than 24 people read it. And this column alone broke the news to my parents that I crashed my red sports car. And that I wasn’t a virgin.

And this column alone broke the news to my parents that I crashed my red sports car. And that I wasn’t a virgin.

I owe you one, TRAVIS.

It’s with looking down the bumpy road of the future that we put together the What’s Next issue. As technology pushes forth at a headache-producing speed, what’s next with Apple? As Avatar easily became the top-grossing flick ever and revolutionized the way we’re entertained, what’s next in movies? As Lady Gaga continues to wear cigarette-burning sunglasses and redefine clothing, what’s next in fashion? As Dr. Jeff Zabudsky takes the throne, what’s next for Sheridan? And as you graduate, leaving Sheridan’s training wheels behind, what’s next for you, dear TRAVIS reader? Doesn’t matter, you have a Sheridan diploma in your paws. Allow me to pinch your cheek and say, “You’ll be just fine.”

Truth is, I don’t freakin’ know what’s next for this magazine. I’m no Nastradumas. Hell, I don’t know what’s next for me. (I do know that fame and David Duchovny-like status is in the cards, though. That much is clear.) I have a shitload of hopes for TRAVIS, of course. I hope that I continue to be involved with this art collective in some manner. I hope that more students note TRAVIS’ importance and continue to write polemics and paint the president’s face blue. I hope that it continues to grow, get better and push the envelope on what is expected from a “student-run” publication. Well, I know that last point is going to happen. But that’s all I got.

So, you tell me, what’s next?


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