Not Down With The Sickness

I woke up this morning spouting wads upon wads of snot from my nose. It seems that my tiny little world repeatedly crashes down on me – and the way my body deals with this stress is by getting really sick.

I was being lectured from the opposite side of my door –  on why I was getting sick by you -know-who. And I meandered my way to the closest medicine cabinet only to find an old faded bottle of Tylenol for nasal congestion. The label itself was faded by time, and I quickly popped it open and swallowed two of those ugly brown pills. I’m sure they are fine – they sort of worked. I don’t think the pills they make today look like that – but I’m still alive.

I worked today and Victoria made me soup and did way too many nice things for me. There was soup, there was back rubs, she rules.

I also just had a Neocitrin in which the label told me not to do anything that involved attentiveness after drinking that lemon froth. Irony!

We are planning an awkward escape to London this weekend to visit her friends, and run into her room-mate that progressively drove everyone out of her house. Now she lives alone. See you soon, and happy birthday.

There just might be drama. I’ll spill the beans later.

You should expect another Nonna Next Door coming up as I have another story. I’m just tryin to spread those ones out so this blog doesn’t become the Nonna blog.

And I’ve been getting worried, and excited for my bands first show.

For anyone who has been in a band, first shows are terrifying. They either turn out really good, or really bad. Either way I plan releasing some demons, in more ways than one. Click here if you’re interested in attending. Don’t ask why Erkel is on the flyer, I didn’t book this.

And now my Mom is watching Glee downstairs. I used to sing in high school, and they make it seem way too easy. Plus, I can’t really sing, hardly anyone can sing in high school.

So cheers to that!

  1. hahaha, I almost thought was a real band site. Sad day


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