JUNOs = TRAVIS-gracing Artists

That was a solid show. I just finished consuming this year’s JUNO Awards. The best part — no, it wasn’t Biebs’ pretty little hair and helium-voiced ballads — was the organic celebration. Stuffed with performances, the JUNOs cut back on the actual award show presentations (only seven awards were dished out) and celebrated the wide swath of Canadian talent. And what a better place to do so then in Newfoundland, a hotbed of friendliness and celebrating true roots. With small presenting errors rife throughout — the last presenter of the night, the damn likable Olympian, Alexandre Bilodeau, hilariously called Buble, “Bubble” — the award show took to a feel-good evening. A show to prove the unparalleled talent this country brings with international sensations Drake, little Justin Bieber, Michael Buble, Metric and K’naan all performing. (Drake performed in three different songs. People love that dude.)

And best of all, just as last year showed, two big winners of the JUNOs this year graced covers of TRAVIS this past year. Arkells, who were featured in our Music Issue, walked away with New Group of the Year. Good on them; all around good dudes that can play a solid OutKast tune. (The Stills, who were on our first cover of the year, it should be noted, walked away with New Group of the Year last year.) And one of the big winners of the night, and the final performer of the night with “Wavin’ Flag,” went to the ubiquitous and much-deserving K’naan. The Somali-born, Toronto-raised sensation walked away with both Artist of the Year and Songwriter of the Year. K’naan chatted with TRAVIS for our cover story back in November for an explosive and candid interview.

Way to keep it organic and more of a celebration than a public back-scratching affair, JUNOs. Moreover, it just goes to show what a TRAVIS Magazine bump will do for artists these days. Drake, call us. We will see if we can fit you in for next year. Maybe help you out with all that bad press you get. Contact us.

To see a full list of the winning artists for the JUNOs, go here.


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