The Battle With My Macbook CD Drive

My Mac is now two years old. It’s getting there and some things aren’t working the way they should. Victoria borrowed the first season of Glee on DVD so we had something to do – something that didn’t involve Kelsey.

As I slid it into my Mac I said, “shit, I hope this doesn’t get stuck in my disk drive like that Kobra and The Lotus cd.”

Sure enough the bugger gets stuck in there, really bad. I tried everything. I used tweezers, I tried to shake it out, I googled the shit out of this problem and found no real solution. It was my relaxing weekend versus my disk drive.

The disk drive was winning.

Victoria had all but given up on me. She was planning on buying the entire season on DVD again so she could return it to her friend without any problem.

I was determined though. I slept on my problem and spent a couple hours trying to fiddle with the bastard the next morning.

The solution? I jammed a piece of cardboard into the drive on top of the CD. As I hit the ejected button repeatedly, the son of a bitch slid out with the cardboard.

The most exciting part was my celebration which rivaled a Super Bowl touchdown pass. So epic, so much shouting, so much booty shaking. The neighbors probably heard me.

That’s all I got for now. I’m sorry my stories aren’t that exciting.


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