it’s almost summer

I just woke up from my daily nap.  It’s rarely comfortable, almost always sweatier than I would have preferred, and usually cuts into some sort of activity that I have promised myself I would get done.  Today, it was a mélange of things.  The least of which involved XBox. In a way, I guess the fact that I take a nap almost daily shows that perhaps I am trying to accomplish too much.  I’ve decided to heap on personal goals on top of work and summer school (I’m finishing my English degree, I just have electives to go).

These personal goals have been very satisfying so far but also nerve-wracking when I realize that unless I cut out these naps (read: bodily shut-downs) I’m not going to accomplish all of them.  My first ever blog post for TRAVIS discussed my quest to brand myself to the likeness of some sort of Sean Connery/Ernest Hemingway/Jack Kerouac hybrid.  The summer is where I set out to really entrench myself in a lifestyle I could say was truly worthy of writing about, and for the most part I intend to come back to Sheridan in September with some worldly experience.

This is kind of an introduction to where the TRAVIS blog may be heading this summer.  I’m a sucker for Bon Iver, Mumford and Sons, Noah and The Whale, Beirut and anything that could be the soundtrack to an cross-country adventure.  In saying this, I bought a bicycle.  A ghetto one.  And my intent was to restore it and go on an adventure.  I spent the day tinkering with it in my tiny backyard and now my hands are pitch black from scraping the rust from the chrome, but damn it’s starting to look half-way decent.

One set back…  I may have accidently removed the rear brakes.  No big, right?  There’s always the front ones?  There’s poetry in that.  I bought it because it looked like something I could fix, and because it had a little platform for which I could bungie-cord things to on the back.

This kinda got out of hand with the talking about me, but I wanted you to know where I was coming from in the future of these blog posts. This week you can expect me to catch up with our good friends, but not Ryan Bolton, he’ll be in Ecuador for a month. You already know that though. Also gonna blog about this fantastic summer of music and festivals that may or may not include burritos.

All in all.  Welcome to summer, I nap too much and I have no brakes, so here’s what’s been playing in my head:


    • Ian Daly
    • May 10th, 2010

    how are you an english major at sheridan? are there now english degrees offered at sheridan?

  1. I am finishing my degree at McMaster University.

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