People accept the love they think they deserve

I went for a bike ride tonight to drop a book (Perks of Being a Wallflower*) off at my friend’s house. I love summer, even though it’s not quite here yet. The rain has been a huge bummer all week so it was nice to go for a little ride at sunset.

I scraped all the rust off my used bike. If you want to know, you can use tinfoil and water to get rust off chrome. Just crinkle up the tinfoil, dip it in water, and go to town. I got my bike so shiny, Xzibit would’ve been proud. And I got a little help from a pal to re-attach the rear breaks and give it a routine tune-up the other day. I’ve been itching to go for a ride on it. The next steps are going to be to strip the body and re-paint it. I will put some pictures up when it’s less embarrassing.

The point of this is, it’s good to get out and do stuff. Especially if it’s “your” time. Like tonight, I’ve been stressing over all the stuff that I’ve needed to get done, but I took the time to get out and have a few moments to enjoy the sunset and the smells of the post-rain concrete.

Oh and I wanted to get out on my bike before the Montrealers started flipping cars and smashing store fronts.


* A great read, if you haven’t read it, I strongly suggest it. Lots of good quotes for you to put on your tumblrs and myspaces and whatever it is you kids do these days.

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