What am I going to do?

Big things are happening at TRAVIS. Good things, but you are just going to have to wait until the time is right. We’re in the process of lining up some solid interviews with some amazing people. It’s gotten me thinking though, this time next year I’ll be joining our dear friends Burton and Blake in the great unknown that is the workforce.

I’ve spent more than two decades of my life in school, a quarter of it in post-secondary schools around Southern Ontario. I fear, for the first time actually, that I’m not sure what it is I really want to do.

I’m sure most people would say, get a job, but I feel like there’s more I want to accomplish before I settle down with a career and get a house and a hybrid car.

I’ve always wanted to have one great adventure. I figured the worldly wisdom I would acquire would help write my groundbreaking novel. You know, the one where I run with the bulls and navigate the Gobi Desert and then spend a brief year teaching Korean kids to speak English. That could take more than a year to accomplish (the adventure, not the educating). I’m sure the kids could learn it quickly.

There’s only one problem. Will spending that time away from the industry alienate me from my contacts? Will I lose touch? I know some of you are in the field already, what are your experiences?

On the other hand, I can bury the dream and hit the industry full-tilt. I can hope to land a great job and get myself deep into the trade. But I’ll have to compartmentalize the great adventure into two-week stints at a time. And two weeks is hardly enough time to climb K2.

How is everyone feeling who has left? Are you on your great adventure? Are you regretting not going on one?

Oh, and one last thing… I’ve realized that the 80/20 rule is TRAVIS’ most popular piece of work to date, I’d like to return to that topic for a bit, especially with the past year of Tiger Woods’ and Jon Gosselin stuff. So look forward to that!

Play me out The Specials!

They’re not even my type of music actually, but I’ve been feeling the retro vibes lately with the approaching summer. There’s nothing better than some laid back jams on a hot afternoon (not that we’ve really had one).

Also, the dancing is really entertaining. I feel like if I had to dance, I would do that.


    • Josiah
    • May 14th, 2010

    I totally vote for an adventure. My wife and I took a monster roadtrip across the states at the beginning of last summer. It was the perfect time, we had little financial responsibilities, and looking to the future, it looks like it would be hard to pull off. So we left for almost 3 weeks and saw and had, an incredible time. Adventures are sweet cause you’re seeing and doing things out of the regular routine, but if you allow for it, or maybe it happens regardless, you get a good sense of perspective on life. We found we really got to look at our lives and what we felt was important and what was a waste.

    Regardless of what you’re thinking about doing and adventure can happen 3 hours away or 3 days away, just go and do it!

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