Celebrity Crushes

It’s really hard to write when you are tired and sunburned. I need to get back to my book, I’ve just been trying to write something good.

I’m pressing too hard. Anyway, here’s what I’m thinking about…

Ellie Goulding. I have a celebrity crush on this woman. I don’t know what it is, her Bon Iver cover probably. My friend Becky just suggested that I watch the movie My Date with Drew Barrymore for some direction on winning the heart of a celebrity. I’m going to watch it, I don’t know how viable it could be. I get the feeling that if you’re that hardcore about dating a celebrity, you’re probably a tad obsessive.

It’s an interesting concept. I’d like to write about relationships (not my own) and the way society affects them and how we are evolving as a culture/species. In other interesting thoughts, we seem to put celebrities on a pedestal, we think “oh we could never get close to (celebrity) because they are famous and must be really cool,” the reality is they’re just regular people. They have neuroses and problems of their own, likes and dislikes. I’m sure if we looked at all celebrities who have been in the tabloids, we’d see a common string of neuroses. Celebrity is a personality type. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and all that.

Who are your celebrity crushes? Why?
Mine are Ellie Goulding and Rihanna.


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