How it used to be…

This is going to stir up some controversy…

A lot of people tell me how much they love Drake. I’m just gonna go ahead and say it: dude was on Degrassi and couldn’t rap then. But then he met Lil Wayne (and apparently T-Pain) and now he can rap.

Plus this is the only firefight he’s ever been in…

Compare that to the scene of 50-Cent getting shot nine times. Then again, 50’s recount of the shooting probably is a little exaggerated (but he really did get shot).

My point is that Lil Wayne is a trouble-maker and Drake is too clean of a guy to be getting involved with Weezy. I don’t think he’s down with sippin’ on some syrup. Plus is he really that rich?

Final thought, kid surprised me on that Wavin’ Flag remix. Got some good vocals down, especially compared to Fefe Dobson, and Theory of A Deadman. He has his moments, but I think he’s got a lot more hype than game.


PS His name is Aubrey and he dated Keshia Chante!

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