Kick out the summer jams

Summer doesn’t start for another month, but school’s out, it’s getting warm, and there’s a ton of festivals to look forward too!

I’ve seen a lot of tweets (follow us at @travismag, hombres and hombrettes), facebook statuses, and word of mouth (whatever that is…). So I’m gonna hook you up with some summer jams. The kind for sitting on your porch making a seashell necklace, or going to the beach to acquire seashell necklaces, or just wearing your seashell necklace while driving up to the cottage. Pure summer jams.


Home – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes
I know I already posted the live version, but it’s such a good song.

Oh, The Boss is Coming – The Arkells
A good tune for work, because it will remind you that the boss might be dropping by later to make sure you’re on task and not playing Brickbreaker on your phone. What I love about The Arkells is that they’re Juno winning artists and they still have full-time jobs not related to music. It really shows in their lyrics that they’re working men.

Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa – Vampire Weekend
I get the feeling Vampire Weekend comes from privileged families. I like this song when I’m at the lake or driving in downtown Oakville. Summer is all about interesting instrumentation, the bongos and xylophone are a nice touch.

My Night With The Prostitute from Marseille – Beirut
This is a good afternoon/evening song, it’s nice and relaxing, I like the dreamy quality of it.

Magic Arrow – Timber Timbre
The band has a lot of really spaghetti-western sounding tracks/deep in the bayous of New Orleans tracks.

Almost Summer – Jason Collett
Collet’s voice has a nice country twang to it. The song is about all the trouble one can get up to with too much time on their hands.

Summer Day – Coconut Records
A lazy jam. Good for sitting in a kiddie pool.

Los Angeles I’m Yours – The Decemberists
Don’t let the name fool you, The Decemberists are all about folk-y summer music. They make me want to play Oregon Trail.

I’ve got my iPod packed with songs for the summer, I broke my last one and had to re-load it so it was a convenient time to update for the season! I made a playlist for you: Here it is!


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