Maiden Voyage of a Bike With No Name

I took my bike on it’s maiden voyage a few days ago. There’s still a few nuts and bolts to scavenge and secure on it but all in all it is one sweet sweet piece of aluminum. I managed to grab a milk crate and attached it to the back so now it’s both semi-attractive and useful.

I tested it out across the neighbourhood and have been using it as much as I can recently, with the great weather there’ll be plenty of opportunities to pedal around. Next purchase, a spandex onesie ((like the green man from It’s Always Sunny…)just kidding).

On this maiden voyage, I stopped to feed the baby geese at the nearby pond. As soon as the birds got within range, the mother goose started hissing at me. I’ve never been bitten by a goose, and I wasn’t about to find out if it hurt or not. I did what any man does when confronted by a goose and it’s goslings. I retreated. I left my bike to the horde of flesh-eating goose-children and got up on out of dodge (a few meters away).

Then using all of my outdoorsman skills, I lured the geese away from my bike and then circled around them and reunited with my bicycle. It was a pretty humbling event. To be a 23-year old man and to be out-muscled by a flock of geese (and two ducks).
Good stuff tomorrow!

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