Local (music) economy

I’ve heard someone say that we are a product of our environment and as such we require the products of our locale to thrive. I don’t know how to make that really simple, basically, we are born in one area, and should reap what we sow.

I’ve heard it said that one should eat the local fruits and vegetables first and foremost and then supplement with foreign fare. I think the same could be said for music.

As good as it is for our bodies to buy and eat local, it would be best for our minds to buy and listen to local music. Everywhere has a scene and we (and the music) is very much a product of our environment. I thought of this while creeping myspace and realizing how much raw local talent there is in the Golden Horseshoe. It’s all one big family and as patrons to the arts we are just as much a part of the scene.

Who knows you better than yourself? But on that note, does location bind us to common experiences that make us have similar thoughts and feelings? Not always, but in some ways there is a reason we call this place “home”.

A little early morning philosophical meandering for your health.

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