Red Dead Burrito

I haven’t played Red Dead Redemption yet, everyone has been telling me it’s awesome. Anyway, I still manage to amuse myself without current video games.

Tonight is the beginning of what I am going to call “The Burrito Showdown”. I love mexican food, and it just so happens that throughout the GTA there are several amazing mexican restaurants. Thus, I am making it my mission to eat as many burritoes as I can.

Here are the contenders at present:
– Che Burrito (Hamilton)
– Burrito Boyz (Mississauga)
– No Name’s Frozen Burrito (Grocery Stores)
– Home-made burritos (From home)
– Santa Fe Grill (Burlington)
– The Firehall Burrito (Oakville/Bronte)
– McDonald’s Breakfast Burrito (Everywhere)

That’s seven burritos, a pretty big list off the top of my head.

So look forward for a gruelling battle of burritoes. Starting tonight!


    • Steph
    • May 27th, 2010

    I suggest you go to the Burrito Boyz in Brampton. You’ll get to visit the B-dot AND support a JSchool grad. AND visit my dad’s office (if you decide to … but they’re close, so I suggest you do a drive by).

    Danny has Red Dead Redemption. I’m not sure how fun it is, but it’s pretty boring to watch.

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