Burrito-ville Round Uno

I’ve amended the list, I forgot about one…
One down…
Che Burrito (Hamilton)
This many to go…
– Burrito Boyz (Mississauga/Brampton)
– No Name’s Frozen Burrito (Grocery Stores)
– Home-made burritos (From home)
– Santa Fe Grill (Burlington)
– The Firehall Burrito (Oakville/Bronte)
– McDonald’s Breakfast Burrito (Everywhere)
Chipotle Mexican Grill

Last night I went to Che Burrito, a cozy patio on the upper side of Hess Village in Hamilton. Some nights, it houses DJ sets from local acts, I’ve never been but I hear good things.

It was a really hot day, but we sat on the patio, the Che experience requires patio sitting. There was a guy inside ending each of his sentences with “brah”, and then he came outside to make a phone call, that was equally riddled with “brah” and “dude” and filled with blunt sexual innuendo. Hamilton is packed with interesting people-watching experiences. The table below us was talking about inane punk lyrics.

I ordered a bean and cheese burrito. Che’s menu let’s you choose the toppings you want, and there’s a large selection. They have one dessert item and it’s all you need. Hands down, you’d be a fool to order anything else. It’s a deep-fried Mars bar.

The burrito was excellent. I always end up adding tons of spicy stuff to them and then spending the entire meal drinking tons of water and hiccuping. It’s hard to really compare it at this point. But it stayed together and didn’t become a sloppy mess. It was warm and all the topping choices were awesome, it was good because although I’m not a picky eater it let me cut out the things I’m not a fan of like rice and corn. The large burrito cost about $8 (and you have a choice of chicken, steak, ground beef, vegan, etc) and there’s a nice selection of beers available.

I fear this comparative guide to burritos is going to end up like that episode of Simpson’s where Homer becomes a food critic. I’m just gonna rant about how good everything is.

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