Snoop Dogg has gone soft

What happened to Snoop Dogg…

Just like Ice Cube, he used to be a really hardcore gangster that was involved in all this crime and stuff, and then he started doing kids movies and rapping on tracks by pop stars. He even raps on a Justin Bieber track. If that’s not messed up, I don’t know what is.

I think too much about things. I’m noticed this in the new Katy Perry song, Snoop kinda is a hype man underneath Katy Perry, and you can hear him really faintly under everything. Puffy does it in a Biggie Smalls song that has a title I’m not going to say because it’s offensive.

Next time I hear people singing in public, I’m going to sidle up and then whisper-sing my own lines into the song, like a Lil’ Jon with the volume turned down half-way.


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