The Handguns via Social Media

Ryan Bolton forwarded me an e-mail last night from a band called Handguns (check em out, pop-punk, brah), and it got me thinking about a lot of stuff. The band is from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and we’re from right here, how awesome is it that we can reach out to people hours away in seconds.
They e-mailed us to say they’re a new band that’s looking to get exposure. It’s weird that I remember the days when “exposure” for a band meant playing at the YMCA and not being the opener. Today exposure means so much more, it means getting out into the digital world and planting seeds.
This is kind of a big deal regardless of how little it takes. One can never know unless they try, and since it can’t hurt to try, this is a no-risk endeavor. We can now use social media to market ourselves to the world, and we can be received and understood by those thousands of kilometers away. Well, even just to think that the TRAVIS Blog is the product of social media, we wouldn’t be possible without the internet, we couldn’t have readers checking out the 80/20 rule article by the hundred each week, we couldn’t reach far-off lands, or even find out cool things to show our readers. We rely on social media, and it’s cool to see it manifest itself in such a way.
I guess the real key is that Handguns e-mailed Ryan somewhat personally looking for exposure. Had social media not existed, we would never have even known about the pop-punk band from Pennsylvania. They would’ve just gone about putting posters up and begging their friends to listen to the EP.
Have you been trying to get your album exposed? Your art? Animations? Writing skills? Perhaps it’s time to take to the internet and canvass digitally!

What a good feeling of possibility on a Friday afternoon. Get your stuff all over the internet, and find people who like it!

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    • June 21st, 2011

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