The Complete and Unabridged Works of a Smartphone

I swear that I am writing a novel on my Blackberry. There are paragraphs and paragraphs saved in the notes section of it. Some good, some that need cleaning up, and some that are just rants about things. I never carry a pen and paper around and I probably should, I don’t feel like typing is very organic to the writing process. Anyway, this is a big step for me, revealing personal writing but here they are verbatim…

Entitled “Title”
“The well dried up and weeds choked our harvest. The wind died and left the sky heavy with slate. The smoke burned in my lungs with every breath.

The trees had once been vivid explosions in the sky of pink, purple, green, and white. Now they were stale wisps of smoke, gnarled fractals. A reminder of the finite.”

“I had a beard of metropolitan chaff. The scruff of weariness and economy in a junk sick world. I would shave it before the pilgrimage and grow a new beard of wisdom and worldliness from the dust of foreign lands.

My muscles were tough with labour. Unlike the bodybuilders, I was uneven, I was sloppy and roughly thrown together. The whip cracked was debt and desire. I relied on forward momentum, as long as it remained I could continue to push, if I halted the day dragged to a crawl.”

“Poorly Written”
“This dipping from the till would haunt me. Not by the act but my logical philosophy. It would incite me to slip as well. We would continue to pilfer until there was nothing left, and then we would look sad. Not for each other but for the foreboding of a journey to find a new pocket to rob”

There’s one more, but I’m going to save it, I’d like to elaborate on it a little more.

Smart phones are interesting. Those notes are like little photographs to a moment I would’ve forgotten, or a line that would’ve gone just recited in my head until it became part of the hum of white noise in my brain. I think if I didn’t write it down sometimes, I’d never think of it again, or it would never come out as clearly or candidly as the first draft. Not that I think these are my best works, but their jumping points to something more serious.

Send me your smartphone notes?

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