TRAVIS Frosh Issue Meeting!

Hey readers!

The TRAVIS Team is beginning work on this year’s Frosh Issue and we want you guys to be a part of it! TRAVIS has a reputation for style and flair and is an award-winning student-run publication. Here’s the issue that inspired me to write for TRAVIS last year:

Personally, TRAVIS has given me the opportunity to pursue things I wouldn’t have ever imagined. I’m going to She and Him tonight, and spending next week at the NXNE Conference, and this is just the beginning.

When I started writing for the magazine, I wasn’t sure how many people read it. I was in the car with some friends one evening and my friends Dave and Logan started talking about these reviews they read in TRAVIS, I quickly interjected and informed them that I had written the reviews (and I had, I wasn’t just saying it). From then on I’ve heard and seen friends and colleagues reading TRAVIS and have had a ton of pride in the magazine and my work.

Here’s an awesome issue from last year:

(I’m looking forward to a great year of interviews with guys as cool as The Arkells)

On that note, the first meeting of TRAVIS will be this Monday, June 14th, in the Student Union Board Room at 6:30pm. It’s a great experience for would-be writers! If you want to write, edit, take photos, illustrate, help in any way, we want as many student perspectives as we can get. (I almost wrote “jam between our covers” but that sounded a little too sexual).

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