No One Cares (NXNE Day One)

And that’s the truth. You and I are both guilty of taking advantage of social media to fill a growing desire/obsession. The need for attention. Take a second and think about everything.

Why did you tweet about how great the party you are at is?

Why did you update your status on Facebook that those horns at the World Cup are annoying?

If you had to announce something to a room full of everyone on your Twitter or Facebook, who would look up from their own busy life?

The honest truth? Few people. So why do we do it? We’re human after all, and we all want to be recognized and loved for our individuality and social media creates the illusion that we are doing that. Of course, I could criticize and berate you for it, but that’s not helpful, and this is TRAVIS, we’re here to help.

In my personal opinion, we could stand to lose the excess baggage of neediness. We don’t need 60 people we don’t know or particularly care about knowing what we had for breakfast. Would you want 60 of your distant friends calling you every morning to tell you they are having a bagel?

We can easily drop those tweets, try asking how your tweet would enrich the life of another person. I’ve got a somewhat holistic mindset to it, instead of telling someone that I’m having a bagel, I learn to love the time I spend alone. This sounds like some new-age malarkey, but learn to love that time alone. One of the panelists from NXNEi said that he catches himself tweeting things he’s doing sometimes and puts the phone down and says, “okay, that’s too far” and just leaves his phone for 15 minutes.

I am so guilty of it, sometimes I feel so fully happy about something I’m doing that I want to tell the world, and often I do. But in the grand scheme, I should try to spend that time for myself. If you tell all your secrets and routines up front there’s not mystery. Being unique loses it’s romance.

Another big Twitter faux-pas is complaining. That Starbucks sucks, that the Failwhale is up, that there’s not enough pickles on your sub. This is constructive, but we need to learn to direct our anger. If we don’t like something, we should tell someone responsible, telling the world Starbucks is slow only accomplishes something we all know. Telling Starbucks their staff was spaced out listening to smooth jazz is going to get some results… or some answers. At worst, you don’t get a reply, at best, you get some free stuff and they fix your problem. Win-win right?

But… be nice about it! This isn’t even a rule about Twitter, but you’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Lastly, and this will help you maintain your followers: limit your tweets.

Don’t tweet too often, people will get annoyed, and don’t serial tweet. It’s 140 characters for a reason, and it’s not so you can press “post” six times to tell your story. I’ve got a solution for that too, if you’re post doesn’t fit onto one 140 character block, make it a blog post. If you’re tweet engages, people will read it. Trust me, broski!

We’re the ADD Generation, you gotta keep things to the point if you want to survive in the social media world. Or else… I don’t even remember, Stephen Colbert is on, and I think I feel like playing Fallout 3… Phone’s ringing. Talk soon?

Happy tweeting,

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