A Grand Finale To Spring

I always go through these fits where I realize that writing just doesn’t get much anywhere. Do people read anymore? I don’t even have time to read tweets, and I can’t stop writing about myself.

That’s what writing should be about, not some sterile account of the way things are based on the facts (especially when it comes to entertainment). But rather, an account from a perspective that is not yours. We’ve lost the ability to interpret, if I don’t tell you why you should bother reading this in the title, you are right back to Googling things that matter right to you.

It’s the reason the National Post covers a Justin Bieber album release and not local events like NXNE. I asked “Them” why they don’t cover it in their paper and I was directed to their compartmentalized blog… Thanks, but NXNE already has every hipster in Toronto writing for an elite and widely unheard of blog-publication.

And with that little window I give you my account of the Olympic Island Festival 2010…

It really dawned on me as we shuffled towards the ferry in the growing darkness: today was epic. What a weird way to spend a Saturday, lying in the grass, eating great food, and listening to some amazing bands.

Earlier in the day I bumped into Ryan Bolton while carrying a veggie burrito from Big Fat Burrito (a Kensington Market shop that had been brought over to the Festival). It was kind of embarassing, as I always seem to nose out burritos. It was excellent, to say the least. Warm, filled with rice and beans and lettuce, and amazingly juicy tomatoes. And guacamole, there is never enough guacamole.

What makes things worse, is that a couple of hours before I was eating a smoked meat sandwich from Caplansky’s Deli (another Kensington area eatery). I chose to eat well as the beer line was monstrous. To get beer, one would have to stand in line to get into the beer garden, then stand in line to get drink tickets, and then finally stand in line to get your actual beer. This of course could take hours.

The main event, the music, not the food, constantly reminded us of our exact location. Thousands upon thousands of us had packed onto Olympic Island by way of ferry to watch Timber Timbre, Zeus, Broken Social Scene, Pavement, Band of Horses, and a few other guests perform. Beach House’s Walk in the Park filled me with uncontrollable happiness. The sun left gold lining on the clouds as it escaped and tiny rays of light naturally lit the stage.

Broken Social Scene really did it for me. A couple of years ago, I attended the same festival to see Death Cab but ended up being blown away by Stars. This year the same thing happened, I came to see Pavement, but ended up falling in love all over again with the Arts and Crafts jam team. Special appearances by sundress clad Feist and super-hipster Emily Haines really brought the point home that Broken Social Scene was all about the love. Perhaps there was great sums of money going into the 14-person band’s bank account, but for that hour-long set, they were all just loving life and jamming in the sun, and we were all invited.

I can’t hype this show enough, if you haven’t gone, you should go. Whether or not you think you like the music, nothing could ever be better than lying in the shade and relaxing to bands doing their own thing. I even spied a few people reading books during sets.

Looking forward to next years Festival, and Osheaga! If you missed this, get your tickets and head out to Quebec for Osheaga. Guaranteed to be another amazing weekend in a park.


  1. waow… the great post today. thank you.

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